Hello and welcome to my little Customization Shop!

My name is Anna and I'm a Visual Arts and Art History Graduate from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, for now living in Brazil and offering my services to the local doll collectors such as face-ups, mods and tattoos. I've been collecting Pullips and BJDs since 2006 and have finally gotten confident enough to offer to paint dolls for myself, friends and anyone who becomes interested in my work. Being this hobby a big part of my life, I decided to bring together my passion for these dolls and the possibility to work independently and built a portfolio for myself. I currently paint BJDs, Groove Dolls, Blythes and Monster High dolls.

While I am mostly accepting commissions for Brazilian customers due to our national custom taxes for packages entering Brazil, I do plan on opening up officially for overseas commissions once I am back in the United States again. If you don't mind the little risk of customs taxes, I can very happily accept your commission and I'd be very thankful for your appreciation of my work!

The blog and the info are mainly written in Portuguese, but if you have any questions or need information, do let me know! It's mostly the same process as for any customizer - you contact me, you fill in a form, you send your doll in. I will paint it, show you pictures before closing the face-up with the final coating and gloss for approval, then I receive the payment once the doll is finished and it goes back home. Paypal payment is very welcomed and I would really appreciate your business!

My portfolio will be up as blog posts or on my Flickr account. Please note that not all my dolls were painted by me and the name of the artist will be stated on the posts here. :) As for pricing, here is a little tip: just divide the prices in R$ by two and you will have the prices on USD. The rate usually floats around that value.

I also have a fan page on Facebook if you'd like to follow me! Commissions are now OPEN for July and August. If you want to contact me, just shoot me an e-mail to this address:


Thank you for passing by and enjoy your day! (◡‿◡✿)



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